Travis Mattingly

"As far back as I can remember, I have always been fascinated with building," said Travis Mattingly, who grew up in a small coastal town in Alabama. At the time he was born, Travis' father was working for his grandfather, a general contractor who primarily built homes. Building and architecture were a natural part of his life.

"In those days, a general contractor had a crew that worked for him, and they did everything. They built the foundation, framed and roofed the house, laid the brick, hung the sheetrock, built the cabinets, and painted the entire structure. During my teen years, I became especially interested in the design aspect of building, while my mother was working for a home builder with an in-house design staff," Travis recalled.

While attending college, he worked for a residential designer in Mobile, AL. After graduation, Travis continued working there for six years, living and building in the South. He learned a lot of valuable grass-roots experience and insight during those years that have served him well as he meets the needs of Texans today.

Travis moved to the Houston area in 1982, and continued to work with residential design firms until he started his own firm in 1992. The corporation, Architectural Solutions, Inc. (ASI) was formed in 1995. The company has grown, and now has a staff of six very talented architects and interns. Their creative designs are built using state-of-the-art computer programs, which include AutoCAD 2004, enhanced with Architectural Desktop software.