More about Travis Mattingly

ASI specializes in residential projects for the Houston metropolitan area. The homes we design tend to be in the $500,000 to $1.5 million-dollar price range. About 80 to 100 projects a year are divided among our experienced staff. Approximately 60 percent of these are custom homes and 30 percent are builder's spec homes. The remainder is remodels and complete makeovers.

Most of Architectural Solutions' business comes through referrals from satisfied clients. "We find that we have little need to promote the company. I have always felt that if I provided a good service for a good price, the customers would find me, and that has been our experience." Current statistics show that 50 percent of architecture firms go out of business in the first two years, and only 20 percent make it to the 10-year mark. Travis Mattingly will celebrate twelve years in the architectural design business in 2004.

The company has been involved in some really interesting and creative projects. ASI completed an ultra-contemporary art gallery in downtown Houston. They have designed unique custom homes for TV and sports personalities and also religious leaders in the Houston metropolitan area.

What makes ASI stand out in the profession?

"The only thing that clients say about us is that we listen to their needs and desires. We are here to serve our clients and bring their dreams into reality. We're not designing monuments to ourselves," Travis emphasized. "This is why approximately 98 percent of our designs get built." When interviewing architects for your next design project, a wise question to ask is, "what percentage of the homes that you design are actually built?"

ASI is excited about some of the new architectural styles, which have recently come to the Houston area. "Most of the new design trends are leaning towards Country French or Spanish Eclectic. Both of these styles allow the architect to try some quite different and truly creative ideas. It is a special treat to work with these types of innovative projects."